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Golden Moments In Italy Random Drawing Results

November 27, 2010
who shared with us your
Golden Moments In Italy —
Over 100 of You!
Have a look at the Comments on the Previous Post
Some also showed up on the What’s A Golden Day? Page and
Golden Day 35
ALL of them will inspire  nods, smiles, and goosebumps
My Husband Jon drew names out of a pasta bowl
Each Name was Matched Up
 At random with one of the books and the Dream of Italy  Newsletter
100 Places In Italy Every Woman Should Go, goes to Lana
Flavors of Rome: How, What, and Where to Eat In the Eternal City,
goes to The Debbie whose dream is to travel to Italy with her son
goes to Trisha Scott-Dence

Italy: Instructions for Use: The Practical, On-Site Assistant for the Enthusiastic (Even Experienced) Traveler,
goes to Cathy Cunningham


 My Adventures In The Land of Tomatoes, goes to The Nancy who had a Golden Moment in Castelfranco, Veneto

  Secrets from My Tuscan Kitchen, goes to Diann Bartnick
Cafe Life Venice:
A Guide to the Cafes and Bacari of La Serenissima
goes to Charmain Giuliani

Dream of Italy, Online Newsletter Subscription for 2011, goes to Christopher Pilla 

It’s wonderful to imagine each of these arriving in the hands of you appreciative Italophiles!


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  1. Cathy permalink
    December 3, 2010 3:56 am

    I was so thrilled to hear I won a book! My one and only (so far–but I’m hoping for many more!) trip to Italy was tagging along with my daughter’s High School Choir, they were attending an International Choir Festival in the Dolomites. Here is part of my post :

    “But my first Golden Moment was the choir receiving special permission to sing in a quiet corner of San Marco in Venice (you are only allowed to speak in whispers if at all inside and no pictures).. the beautiful sound was indescribable, gave us chills and reduced some us to tears. What an honor to have their first performance in Italy at such an incredible location.
    ……I fell in love with Italy and although it was a wonderful trip, I dream of returning for a more relaxed vacation as our entourage was 63 teens, 6 teacher chaperones, 11 parents and 1 tour manager!”

    When Susan contacted me about the draw, I gave her the “rest of the story” in my reply as it was a bit comical; she asked me to share it in the comments here~

    ” The funny part was, that I didn’t include in my post, we ended up being asked to leave by the Priest!! Our guide had obtained special permission for them to sing, but apparently it was supposed to be for only 10 mins, we found out later. Everyone in the area of the little Nave were enjoying the music (which was appropriate) so much while still being repectfully silent (no applause etc) that they began another song…. well the Priest came over and caused a huge scene with our guide so we were all scooted out as quickly and quietly as we could! The kids of course thought it was hilarious that they were “kicked out” of San Marco! Sigh…. our choir, such rebels 🙂 ”

    I really enjoyed reading all the comments that were entered, I would just close my eyes and dream… Seems everyone takes away fabulous memories from visits to Italy! Thank you again Susan, I am so looking forward to the book!!


    • susanvanallen permalink*
      December 3, 2010 6:54 am

      I LOVE this story! Thank you so much for sharing it! And again, Grazie to all for your comments—they are true treasures!

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